Review 2016 Performance!

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Review 2016 Performance!

It’s amazing to believe that we’re now just days away from the end of the year! It’s been fantastic year for us at PPL and hopefully its been great for other businesses too.Like other businesses your focus is on 2017 strategy to grow your business.But before, review your 2016 performance.
Review your 2016 SWOT analysis; think about all the positive things happened this year that made it great, analyse your strengths and personal qualities use to achieve success! what new personal qualities you learnt this year? How to maintain and use this strategy in 2017 and what new personal and professional qualities you will learn in 2017.
Also review the reason for failures that didn’t work this year and find out what went wrong and how you can avoid this in future.
Now think about the opportunities that you have not capitalised. Draft your SWOT for 2017, add strengths that you learnt in 2016 either personal or professional.Note weaknesses that could be overcome next year to win more business and visualise the opportunities available in the market.
Finally set your target for 2017 that you want to accomplish!!

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