5 Tips to run a successful business

If you’re running a car garage, electrician, plumber/boiler or pump/motor repair business or about to set up, you’ll need a firm guide of your accountant to keep customers happy, and suppliers properly managed. If you have well-organised accounting procedure, it can help you reduce overspending and grow your business too.
1) Manage quotes and estimates
Everything starts with a quote, whether you’re working for an individual or doing a job for a business. Use a template quote with your branding, contact details and VAT or company numbers. The quicker you get the quote to a customer the more quickly they are likely to book the job in!
2) Prompt Invoicing and getting paid quickly
Your quoting system can help you to invoice quickly, if you use the same process and template you can turn a quote into an invoice. This reduces data entry and helps you get paid quickly, make sure to include clear payment details. You may also be dealing with business customers; being able to invoice them promptly ensures that your paperwork reminds at the front of their mind.
3) Accessible from everywhere Access cloud bookkeeping software from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, when you’re on site or in a meeting or on holidays.
4) Easy to use Manage as often as you need to with a few clicks of a button, ideal if you are short on time or need a quick daily routine to stay on top of your figures. You can get common bookkeeping reports like profit & Loss, suppliers and customer’s outstanding etc.
5) Online VAT Return Filing Due to updated records online VAT return filing is easy and saves time and cost.
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