How to File your Self Assessment Tax Return

You can file your self assessment if you follow the following simple steps:
1) Register for Self Assessment at HMRC website:Being self employed you already have UTR number so apply for the authentication code from HMRC(It will take 7 working days) and activate your account.
2) prepare your accounts on Excel or bookkeeping software(If you have) of all the sales & expenses of your business.
3)Gather all the sources of income like income from salary,business income,propery rental, interest income,dividend or any other source of income.
4) Log in to HMRC website ,it will direct you to Self Assessment page and start filling it.Step by step guide and instructions are there for help.Fill all the sources of income,expenses.After completing the SA return you can check the Calculation of Tax refund/payable..Check and verify your tax calculation details,if you are satisfied with your return,click submit button and you will receive the acknowledgement and submission reference .Save the refernce number for future HMRC contact.
But if you need help regarding expenses to claim and want to be free to focus on your business work ,you need an accountant to handle all the paperwork.You can contact us at & book your free consultation.

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