The Accountant-Ben Affleck movie

Do you know Ben Affleck movie ‘The Accountant’ is releasing in October this year. Can Ben Affleck makes accounting glamorous? The Batman Vs Superman star featured & now a 7 October release date has finally been revealed for the Warner Bros- The Accountant – so we’re asking it again.
Practice firms owners/staffs will be heading to their local cinema to follow the adventures of a regular accountant by day, but by night he moonlights as an assassin.
Accountants will better able to judge whether Affleck delivers a fair demonstration of an accountant, but they certainly will be hoping that he puts in a better turn than TV drama Loot, which weirdly was scribed by former ACCA chief exec Allen Blewitt.
It is just a lighter side of business but if you have started a business and good at what you do.You have plenty of customers and order book.But have not generate invoices on time,not paid suppliers,you need help to sort out these issues.
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