[advisor_text_video show=”image” heading=”Welcome to Pyramid Point” text1=”We are local accountants based in Central London, Pyramid Point Limited offer advisory services to our local & Global customers to meet their business needs.We provide guidance for the business record keeping, payroll and tax returns. Our thrust is to develop excellent customer relationships and retain our clients through effective /smart communication.” text2=”We are proud to provide accountancy and advisory services to a number of businesses in Central London & surrounding areas.Our office is based at Edgware Road,Central London. ” image_id=”771″]
[fun_facts_counter counter_text=”Location,% Satisfaction,Happy Customers,Awards” end_points=”2,100,114,5″ end_points_color=”#d9298e” text_align=”center” heading=”Helping Small Businesses” text=”Our vision focuses on becoming the standard of excellence in all areas of the services we provide.”]
[services_slogan text_color=”#ffffff” heading=”We Love What We Do” text=”Our main mission in life is to provide accounting-service to small and medium sized businesses with entrepreneurial aspirations. ” bg_image=”167″]
[advisor_icons_carousel background=”bg-blue” overlap_top=”1″][carousel_icon icon=”icon-money” icon_text_color=”#000000″ icon_color=”theme-accent” icon_delay=”” icon_heading=”Virtual FD” icon_text=”Strategic planning to help you plan for the future”][/carousel_icon][carousel_icon icon=”icon-planning” icon_text_color=”#000000″ icon_color=”theme-accent” icon_delay=”” icon_heading=”Management Accounts” icon_text=”Preparation of management information”][/carousel_icon][carousel_icon icon=”icon-save-money” icon_text_color=”#000000″ icon_color=”theme-accent” icon_delay=”” icon_heading=”Bookkeeping” icon_text=”We provide real time online cloud based solutions “][/carousel_icon][carousel_icon icon=”icon-save-money” icon_text_color=”#000000″ icon_color=”theme-accent” icon_delay=”” icon_heading=”Payroll Services” icon_text=”Payroll can be a lengthy activity never knowing ” icon_button_text=”details” icon_button_link=”#”][/carousel_icon][carousel_icon icon=”icon-secure” icon_text_color=”#000000″ icon_color=”theme-accent” icon_delay=”” icon_heading=”Accounts & Tax Return” icon_text=”We prepare and submit accounts to HMRC and Companies house”][/carousel_icon][carousel_icon icon=”icon-online-consult” icon_text_color=”#000000″ icon_color=”theme-accent” icon_delay=”” icon_heading=”Self Assessment Return” icon_text=”Self Assessment & Tax planning and advice”][/carousel_icon][/advisor_icons_carousel]
[advisor_testimonials count=”4″ heading=”Happy Customers” text=”Here are some of the recent reviews given by our clients. ” autoplay_time_out=”2000″]