I know there are a lot of accountants out there claiming they can help you grow your business so it can definitely be hard to know who to trust and who to believe.

There might be 3 very important questions you are asking yourself.

#1 – “What is Rubina’s backstory and how does that make her qualified to help me grow my business?”

#2 – “How is Rubina any different from the plethora of other accountants that are flooding the internet?”

#3 – “What kind of results might I expect from appointing her accounting strategies into my business?”

Those are all incredibly fair questions and this quick intro should answer them all.

My story begins when I was the kid, I‘ve had a pencil in my hand and writing numbers on the walls.

When I started college, my parents wanted me to be a doctor.

When I dissected first time Frog, I realised it’s not my type of thing. 

I decided to play around the numbers to show and share my passion.

I am glad that I made that decision.

I do the work I do because I love it.

I like the entrepreneur’s I meet.

Fast forward a bunch of years later after studying accountancy profession and working in one of the largest company, I decided to move London to start my life again.

I did CIMA here in UK, worked in few companies and decided to start my own accountancy practice firm in 2013.

I see myself an entrepreneur who help businesses to create a legacy that impacts people.

In business we need data to make informed decisions, whether internal or external, data is fast becoming the lifeblood of any company.

Quality data sets after all generate information which provides knowledge and wisdom to make more informed value adding business decisions.

At Pyramid Point Accountants we make this data available to make informed decisions.

More specifically .. 

You see, I was never meant to change the world alone.I was meant to change the world by helping people like you who want to change the world.

Our Mission:

Pyramid Point Accountant is a catalyst for entrepreneurs to see through the numbers to claim their power.

Our Promise:

We deliver values, experiences and points of view to our clients.

Our Vibe:

At Pyramid Point Accountants, we use the power of numbers to move the business forward.

We do it together-every day- reinventing the businesses.

Our Essence:

At Pyramid Point Accountants, we operate as a team to provide vital services to leave the IMPACT of our individuality!

When I’m not wearing accountant’s  hat, you’ll find me baking or researching vertical garden ideas(new adventure during COVID19 pandemic) to name a few.

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